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Welcome to XLNS Research -- a Research and Development site devoted to exploring how simple and elegant ideas from the past may help realize future computer-related technologies which are greener, easier to design, more powerful and less expensive.

Our Name

We inherited this name from the days when XLNS Research's goal was to commercialize Logarithmic Number Systems (LNS) . LNS is an alternative kind of computer arithmetic, inspired by the slide rule (hence our logo), suitable for embedded systems, special-purpose supercomputers and alternative technologies, like DNA Computing. LNS can offer dynamic range and precision like floating point while also providing the speed and economy of fixed point. Back in those early days, the name was explained as follows:

"The X in XLNS Research refers to our goal to excel in the LNS industry.  It also refers to the extension of LNS technology to 32-bit (and larger) precision formats."

Although our mission is now broader, we continue to share information about recent LNS publications here . Because of this, we decided to keep the old name.



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